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Introducing NTC

God has blessed the Republic of Nigeria with natural and human resources which have contributed to the wealth of the country for centuries now. Gas and oil have accounted for a significant percentage of its GDP and continue to be a backbone of the economy. Because of the focus on oil and gas, however, many other commodities and business opportunities that could boost the economy and development of the country have been underexposed or, in many cases, overlooked.
There is an urgency, therefore, to promote the establishment of additional options for mining, industry, tourism and other key contributors to economic growth in Nigeria. The present administration made, partly under the pressure of declining of the oil prices, a switch towards Agriculture, Horticulture and Agribusiness.
A key component for triggering positive economic development is the ability to attract foreign investment and expertise. Governments in Nigeria have invested extensively in the promotion of the country’s opportunities. However, there is no ‘silver bullet’ for attracting investors and industry to Nigeria. The development of an effective foreign economic policy will always be a ‘work in progress’ which welcomes any positive contribution of which the Stichting Nigeria Trade Centre (NTC) has come on board to facility the process.
  1. In-depth assessments by the founders of the NTC in liaison with representatives of different states in Nigeria and the central government resulted in the development of a model to empower the promotion of Nigerian interests abroad, taking into account two relevant key aspects:
  2. The promotional power of Nigerians in the Diaspora and the business networks should be recognized and engaged to attract new business to the country.
    Business interests should be shifted from governmental representation, normally handled by embassies, to the private sector in order to ensure accountability and transparency which international/private business initiatives abroad expect.
The relation and opinion on development and investment between Nigeria and Europe/The Netherlands is shifting from Aid to Trade and from direct investment towards mutual investments and trade. This has an influence on doing business together and on matchmaking and mutual business development. In this changing business climate it’s good to rely on an organization that is well informed on business on both sides.
The board members and business affiliates from NTC are putting their professionalism at work to ensure that NTC serve all forms of clients both in Nigeria and in Europe/The Netherlands. They have in-depth knowledge of opportunities and challenges in bringing investors and business to Nigeria and to assist matchmaking.
We are open to your views, comments, contributions and request towards advancing the course and destiny of Nigeria in providing a vital link from The Netherlands/Europe to Nigeria.
 You are welcome on Board!

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