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Operational Outline

Promotion and marketing are disciplines that often do not deliver immediate results, especially when the ‘brand’ must be developed from scratch or a paradigm shift is needed to change negative sentiments in the public’s perception of doing business in Nigeria.
The NTC endorses a two-step philosophy focusing on the creation of a positive paradigm on one hand and the development and facilitation of well-defined business opportunities on the other:
Step 1:
The NTC initiative begins with the development of a professional marketing strategy in cooperation with specialized companies in The Netherlands and Nigeria. Promotional activities focus on branding the opportunities that participating states have to offer and positioning this potential toward investors and businesses. The NTC focuses on consistency in the quality level of communications and the company promotes ongoing interaction between business communities in The Netherlands and Nigeria.

Step 2:
The primary reason for Nigerian private sectors to invest in this initiative is the proven availability of specific potential for local business development, social transformation and development. Since there is a growing appetite for investors and businesses in The Netherlands to expand interests and activities abroad, the capability to match supply to demand is key. Understanding what is on offer and the ability to interact with investors and businesses on a specialist level are crucial to create ideal matches.

Our services:
  1. Event organizer and intermediary for various sectors of the economy
  2. Bridging gaps between professionals and organizers
  3. Bringing learning and new innovations into doing business
  4. Coordination and harmonization of existing efforts
  5. Project Management

NTC creates a platform that provides access to valuable contacts, cooperatives ready to do business with international buyers, a place to market goods and a way to generate publicity for new products and/or services. The outcome consists of better relations, innovative services, policy improvements and public investments.

Our aims:
  1. We aim to promote and assist small and medium scale businesses both in Nigeria and The Netherland to establish contacts in a mutual result oriented;
  2. To connect businesses from Nigerian and The Netherlands with organizations, companies and individuals through our event organizer that arranges business trips and trade missions;
  3. To create an altitude of business trust between entrepreneurs in both countries;
  4. Facilitate business initiatives from entrepreneurs in Nigeria and The Netherlands;
  5. Assist in Research and development (R&D) in businesses that would be profitable in Nigeria and The Netherlands.